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Raven Watches LLC is owned and operated by Steve Laughlin. Our headquarters and design office is located in Overland Park, Kansas.

Steve earned a BFA in Visual Arts from Kansas State University in 1999 and has been designing and producing watches since 2008. His role at Raven includes product design, marketing, photography, website development and maintenance, sales, shipping, and email communications.

This passion for wearing and collecting watches started much earlier in his life... Steve began collecting watches when he was around 10 years old with a Swatch watch. At age 15 he purchased his first dive watch during a SCUBA trip to Hawaii. When he was 17 he received his first Seiko chronograph as a birthday gift.

Travel, adventure, and photography inspire the Raven designs and this passion has produced watches that attract like-minded customers. Ravens are worn by many professionals that find themselves in board rooms to battlefields.

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Below are just a few of the previous models produced by Raven since 2008...






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