The basics: Any "factory defects" that are discovered after the watch has been shipped, we will replace, repair, or refund you for that watch or product. We will also warranty the operation of the movement for one year. After the one year warranty, we are able to repair most issues at a cost that includes parts, labor, and shipping.

What are factory defects? Any issues with the case, bracelet, bezel, dial, movement, that were not caught during QC and we shipped to a customer. 

What is not covered? Damage to the watch components or movement caused by the customer from wear and tear, banging around, dropping, magnetic exposure, leaving the crown open, opening your case back, modifying parts, etc.

Open for discussion: A movement that is running extremely fast typically is a sign that it has been magnetized somehow during ownership. A movement that is running extremely slow can be a sign the watch has been banged around, dropped, or had a significant impact. With warranty related issues, we have to take in the information from the customer and the information from our service tech and try to decide if it is a covered warranty issue or user abuse during the one year period.


Repairs: Read our Repair page for more information on how to begin the repair process with us.

Repair page

Returns / Refunds

Read our Returns / Repairs page for more details about our return policy, exchanges, and refunds. 

Returns / Refunds

Covid-19 Update

The Raven Headquarters is located in the Kansas City area, which is currently in a 30 day stay at home order. I am running the Raven Office out of my house at this time and able to fill new orders with daily pick up from my postal carrier. 

This global situation has also impacted our current planning and production timeline for the Trekker 39mm and bronze Trekker 39mm. We are running about 2-3 months behind schedule now, but we will post designs, drawings, and information when we have it available.

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