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We have been designing, manufacturing, and selling watches since 2008, and during that time we have put in place a system to repair the watches that we have produced. Our local watch tech has the facility and resources to make the necessary repairs or restoration to most of the situations and problems that we are presented with.

How it works: Contact us, mail in your watch, we take the watch to our tech, we pay our tech when the watch is ready, we contact you, we invoice you, we ship your watch back. These steps are explained below...

1. Contact us: use our contact form below or send us an email at please do not contact us with repair issues through Facebook messenger, Instagram, YouTube, or texting, we need to be able to refer back to your email, and we need to have the repair communication in one place.

2. Mail in your watch: After you contact us you will be instructed to mail in your watch, ship only the watch and not the original leather box or any other accessories. Wrap the watch in bubble wrap or protection and use a cardboard box. Do not send your watch in a bubble mailer or envelope. Also include a note inside the box with your name, email, return address, and a description of the issues or problems. We receive mail every week and if we receive your watch with no note, information, or details, we will set it aside and wait for you to contact us so we can figure out who owns the watch (Yes this happens ALL the time). We are not responsible for extra items sent to us such as leather boxes with straps and accessories. We take only the watch and a repair sheet to our tech's shop. Use the address below to send in your watch:

Steve Laughlin
Raven Watches
7360 W. 162nd. St. 
Suite 102
Stilwell, KS 66085

3. We take your watch to our tech: (Steve at Raven) drives your watch to the tech's shop. I say this because I do not do this drive every day, I may do this once a week, so if your watch arrives on a Friday, I may not get it to the tech until the following Wednesday. Some customers in the past have sent me 2-3 emails during that time asking if the watch is finished yet. We work as quickly as possible to keep your repair moving, but have limits being a small company. So please just be aware of this process and the time involved.

4. We pay our tech when the watch is ready: No matter what the repair issue is, I pay our tech immediately for the work he has done and then I notify the customer with the repair details and the cost. I pay the tech for every warranty issue as well, even if I am not collecting money from the customer. Every job has a price that I pay to keep everything moving, and the tech happy.

5. We contact you: After we have your watch back at my office, we will send you an email with the repair details and the invoice price. We can typically ship the same day that the invoice is paid. 

6. We invoice you: After we contact you to let you know the watch is finished, we can send a PayPal invoice for the repair plus shipping. Typical repair costs can average between $100-$200 and typical shipping with USPS Priority is $12 - $20 depending if you sent the leather case or not. A PayPal invoice can be paid with any credit card and does not require you to have a PayPal account to pay the invoice. The invoice will show up in the email account that you originally contacted us with, unless you notify us to use a different email address.

7. We ship your watch back: After the invoice is paid, we can return the watch typically on the same day. We pack your watch well and use new shipping materials if needed. We ship with USPS Priority with a signature confirmation. 

* In the rare occasion that you are still having the same issue once you have your watch back, just contact us again. We will warranty our repair work and take care of you at no additional cost.


Contact us with any questions or issues you may be having with your watch...

    Raven Watches LLC
    7360 W. 162nd. St.
    Suite 102
    Stilwell, KS 66085

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Mon - Fri : 9am - 4pm

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