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Great watch and excellent value for money

Have had my green day/date Airfield for a couple of weeks now and I'm very impressed with it.

The 40mm case, whilst a little thicker than I would normally go sits comfortably on my 7" wrist without feeling top heavy and is exceedingly well finished. The seiko NH movement is working flawlessly and within +/- 1 per day. The bracelet is really comfortable and, with both screw pins to the links plus clasp micro adjustment holes is very easy to adjust and get just right.

I went for the green dial variant to get away from the monotony of the standard blue/black/white dial watches that seem to dominate my collection. Dial looks great albeit only negative is that the day/date window in green with white printing can be a tad hard to read in lower light conditions with my eyesight. That said, it looks so much better with the date window colour co-ordinated to the dial so I can live with that - just will need to turn on a light!

All in all, a very accomplished watch and excellent value of the money

Airfield date

Third Raven watch, and Steve does not disappoint. Went with the white face with day/date. The finishing throughout the watch and bracelet is fantastic. Sits well on the wrist. The legibility is excellent. Nice tapered bracelet with a not-too-wide clasp, and firm lock with 4 micro adjust. The printed dial with applied Raven logo is the right mix of style and legibility. Not overdone, but easily readable. The inner and outer black chapter and accent rings add to the depth. The crown is easily grippy yet does not dig on to the wrist.
Very pleased with the finished product !

blown away

Super cool Watch here guys Bought my first Raven Timepiece at the WINDUP WATCH SHOW 2 YEARS BACK TRUST ME THESE GUYS MAKE A WATCH WILL BLOW U AWAY AS NOTED

Raven Airfield

Steve and team has once again developed a masterpiece with the Raven Airfield. I selected the white face with date and the watch exceeded expectations. The appearance and product quality of the watch are outstanding, thus yielding high customer satisfaction. I am, and will continue to be a returning customer.

Great gator rubber!!!

Wonderful strap with the look of gator but rubber:). Awesome!

Great watch

My first Raven. I wanted an interesting, rugged everyday watch and this fit the bill perfectly. A few weeks in and getting some patina, which is exactly what I wanted.

A sophisticated watch that gets attention

I preordered this watch and can happily say that the quality of this watch is very very high.

The movement is very smooth, the materials have great textures in the warm brushed bronze and rich grain of leather. The colours contrast beautifully and the lume is very good.The bezel is firm so it stays in place, and has a satisfying click to it.

It’s a regular part of my rotation and I can say while people don’t always notice it straight away, once they do they seem honestly impressed.

Definitely a keeper. In fact I am surprised there are still any available!

Great band

Great, quality band that suits the Endeavour well. I like it better than the bracelet which itself is great.

Amazing Strap!

This unassuming strap is so very nice in person. This soft, flexible strap has quickly become my favorite strap for the Solitude. I cannot more highly recommend everyone to pick one up. They are work double the price!

Love it

My second Raven. Craftsmanship is better than the last. My favorite of about 8 automatic watches. Considering getting a leather band as well, but really like the fit and feel of the rubber. Yes, the watch is small compared to the trend of huge, but it’s so comfortable.

20mm Caoutchouc rubber alligator

Looks like alligator leather but reall rubber. Very nice and goes well with a sports/dress watch.

Caoutchouc straps

Smooth and pliant. No dust or lint unlike silicone straps. Love it

Rubber Strap for Bronze Trekker

I am more than happy with the rubber strap designed especially for the Bronze Trekker. I originally ordered the watch on the brown leather, but it is nice to have a specialized strap for things like kayaking or other places leather may not be ideal!

Bronze Trekker 39

This is my third Trekker 39. I'm a huge fan of bronze watches and liked my two steel Trekkers so much that I decided to add this one, too. The entire Trekker 39 line is fantastic. The case is very comfortable, the dials are super legible, and the lume is great. All three of mine are keeping good time. With the bronze Trekker you get the added bonus of watching the case change appearance over time. The dial looks different depending on the light - from a beautiful green outside or in bright light to black in low light. The red seconds hand pops in just about any light. I really have no complaints about any of my Trekkers. The 39 is just a great all around watch.

Final Payment - Bronze Trekker - Bronze Bezel - Rubber
James Mituzas
Bronze Trekker

Excellent timepiece!!!

Bronze Trekker 39 - Black Bezel - Gray leather

Bronze Trekker 39 - Black Bezel - Gray leather

Awesome strap!

Very soft and supple but still tough and secure. Highly recommend!

BIWI 20mm Caoutchouc Rubber Strap

I love it! Soft and study. BIWI makes great rubber watch straps. I wish you guys could also stock the BIWI Osiris model in 20mm and 22mm.

Deep Tech Bracelet
Tony Duronio
Perfect fit

Thanks Steve for sourcing this Gen 1 bracelet for the Deep Tech. The traditional divers clasp makes all the difference in the world

Raven Trekker 39, V1 Stainless
Brian K.
Second Trekker 39

My first Trekker 39 was a blue dial with date and ceramic bezel (B7) and I liked it so much I decided to get this no date version with the steel bezel. I love the 3/6/9/12 markers and the simplicity of no date. Obviously, the case is the same so everything concerning comfort and fit applies here, too. The Trekker 39 line is fantastic no matter which version you choose - super legible, very comfortable, and definitely versatile. Between the two I own, I honestly haven't found anything I don't like. Well done, Steve!

Raven Trekker 39, B7, Date, Ceramic/Polished
ed lee
Nice addition to the collection

Great buy!

Trekker Exchange
Something special

Wow! You need to hold this watch in hand to really appreciate the beauty and quality. Everything about it is incredible and it has a “Raven look” to it....which makes it stand out from the pack. I own many watches, and I find it hard to choose another one, within same price range, that is as well made and as beautiful as this watch. My third Raven and completely impressed. Also, Steve’s customer service is the best I have ever experienced. He helped me thru a situation that others probably would not have and for that, I’m forever a Raven fan and supporter. If you can find one of these watches, buy it!

Raven Trekker 39, B7, Date, Ceramic/Polished
Colm Dunne
The Best Microbrand Watch Yet

I bought the blue bezel + blue dial date version. Visually, it’s perfect. I love the overall emphasis on brushed rather than polished surfaces; and the over-engineered design and production quality. As Rolex is to Raven, so is Rolls Royce to Bristol Motor Cars.

The ‘Jubilee’ style bracelet is wonderful; lighter than an ‘Oyster’ style and with flatter links than a Rolex. And completely brushed. What’s not to love?

The 39mm case size, similar size to a Black Bay 58, is perfect. I had a 40mm Trekker in the past. This new design is superior in every way: case architecture, weight, wrist-fit and visual perfection. The BB 58 obviously has a superior movement, but otherwise it’s a photo finish. Considering the price difference, I’ll leave it to you decide which is better value.

I’ve owned five 41mm Black Bays and about ten Rolex Subs and Sub-Dates. For a micro-brand, this is close as you can get to similar design + engineering (C Ward, Halios, MKII and Monta excepted).

This watch is a home run for Steve. He should keep it on as a standard product offering. If you loved the experience and thrill of owning and wearing Rolex sports watches in the 1980s and 90s, but think they are overpriced today (and no longer appropriate for daily wear), then buy a Tudor Black Bay 58 or a Raven Trekker. In fact, you should buy both!

Now all Steve needs is for someone famous to start wearing one!

Raven Trekker 39, V1 Ceramic - (unwrapped for photos)
Michael Kondrat
Raven Trekker

Excellent watch!

Raven Trekker 39, V2 Ceramic
Alexander Macioce
This is a keeper!

Watch runs and looks amazing on wrist. It’s shines during the day and glows brilliantly at night. As a matter of fact it outshines all my other superluminova watches! The 39mm case size makes it a perfect everyday companion wether out in the field or dressing up for night out. If your able to I would guess this watch ASAP as they tend to go fast ... you won’t regret it!