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Trekker 39mm - V2 - Black Date
Even better in person

This watch has to be seen and handled to be fully appreciated. The gloss dial, the outlined indices, the polished hands - there is so much visual interest in the dial, which seems to be slightly better proportioned in this smaller size. I purchased this to replace my beloved daily wearer which was stolen from me and I'm more than happy to have it on my wrist every day.


This is my fifth Raven watch. By far the most comfortable. It has become my daily wearer. The color combination is awesome. The pictures do not do it justice.

Exelent watch

Nice watch. High quality

Great watch for the money with just one main flaw

Have owned my green Solitude with bracelet for a few months now and I'm very happy with it. The watch head itself is great; good looking and comfortable cushion case, very nice green and highly legible dial / hands, readable date window, very well regulated movement (running at -3 s/d), fantastic lume. One minor niggle is that the crown is quite hard to get a grip on from below due to the crown guard design but I can live with that.

My main gripe is the bracelet; whilst it is very comfortable on my 7.5 inch wrist, the closed end link connection to the watch head is not very well executed and instead of a nice smooth transition from watch to bracelet, there is a noticeable step between the two and you end up looking at the back edge of the first link when you look at your wrist. It might not bother some people but it's just there every time I look at it. As such, I've ditched the bracelet and have fitted a rubber strap.

Better than expected

I had been looking for quite a while for a classic, black 39mm black dive watch when I found the Trekker. I ordered it on the pre-order and had to wait a while but it was worth the wait. It is a beautiful, solid watch with really nice attention to detail. The quality is excellent, lovely stainless steel case and the ceramic bezel finishes the face beautifully. I have only had it 24 hours but it literally hasn't lost a second from when I set it. Steve was excellent to deal with, always replying to my emails quickly. This is a watch I will enjoy wearing forever.

Raven nailed the sport/dive watch category.

I've been a big fan of Raven Watches ever since my first-generation Trekker. I still have that watch and wear it weekly. It has never failed and looks even better with some wear and tear on the case. The new Trekker 39 V2 is a brilliant evolution of the first watch, and it levels up the sophistication and refinement without losing its original utilitarian ethos. The downsized case (from 40 to 39) isn't just a tad smaller but also improved due to the smoother lugs and the shorter and smaller diameter crown. The ceramic bezel is gorgeous, ratchets with precision, and is a surprise at this price, frankly. I love the applied markers that echo the Tudor Pelagos without copying it. The tapered five-link bracelet is one of the best I've seen from a microbrand. The whole package should cost $1,200+, really. If you want only one watch to wear casually or with a suit, this is it.

Fabulous looking watch and ticks all of the boxes.

My yellow dial Trekker arrived today and I'm chuffed to bits with it. The yellow dial and black sapphire bezel look great together, lume is fantastic and the bracelet is nice and easy to size and very comfortable. Well worth the wait and great job Steve!

Black, Ceramic, No date Trekker

This watch is the best thing to come out of 2020 for me. I am AMAZED by the level of detail and craftsmanship. The bracelet is fantastic - it’s very solidly built with a smooth action, and a nice balanced taper which makes it lighter and even more wearable. The value for this piece is INCREDIBLE !! Buy one now before they are gone and you’re filled with regret !

Very High Quality

The watch feels like a $2,000 watch. The finishing is beautiful and it's super tough. The bracelet is very comfortable and flexible. The bezel action and the lume are superb. Also, Steve provides great customer service. I'm very happy with my first Raven.

Great watch

This watch was a father’s day gift from my wife. She asked what to get me and I shopped around briefly and chose this watch not thinking it would be anything particularly special.

I was wrong.

To be clear, I’m not an expert - just an amateur enthusiast, so I had my doubts about buying from a smaller company without decades of history; I wanted a tough watch that ran well but also looked good in a variety of settings. I wasn’t sure a smaller “micro-brand” could deliver that.

However, I was not disappointed.

The watch feels sturdy on the wrist without feeling like you’re dragging an anchor around, but not dainty where I’m worried about dinging it.

I can wear it to the beach, on a hike, and then put a dress shirt on and not worry about my watch being appropriate at the office or a restaurant because it works in basically any setting.

The bezel, though I prefer sapphire, is tightly set (which I love) and falls precisely on the face. The same can be said of the crown - it’s built well so that there’s no jiggle or play, which drives me nuts with my pricier watches.

The movement is smooth and reliable enough that I only really check it against a precision clock about once a week (if I remember to) and the watch is only a few seconds off by then.

The lum - I don’t know the technical specs on it - works for the entire night after the lights are out. I’m not a diver so I’ve never tried it underwater, but when I wake up in the night or have had to deal with the kids and instinctively check my wrist, I’ve never had to guess what time it is
because it’s the brightest thing in the room.

I figured the “dlc” coating was a gimmick and that it would scratch up after enough dings. But even after months of regular wear (yard work, small car repairs, some outdoor adventures, etc.) I have yet to see a scratch.

Overall, I would highly recommend this watch. It quickly became my everyday favorite to wear and I sincerely doubt I’ll be replacing it anytime soon.

It’s a great watch.

Trekker 39mm - V4 - Yellow - Final Payment

Trekker 39mm - V4 - Yellow dial

5 out of 5

Extremely nice quality and service. Was shipped and arrived very quickly! My only minor critique is that I wish the bracelet had screws in the links instead of pins, since I've had pins unexpectedly fall out before, but I know that doesn't bother some people and shouldn't affect the rating of the actual watch. I also ordered the leather band which is very nice! Thanks!!

Great watch

I love the watch. Great price and great service. I definitely recommend getting a Raven-watch.


I have had this watch for several months. Agreed that it looks and feels great. However, the primary function of a watch is to let you know the time. My watch gains at least a minute weekly. In the 21st century a watch should be able to keep the correct time with more accuracy. The glow nighttime does not last very long either making it useless to read at night. Overall pretty disappointed.

Hi Mark, thanks for the review. You are welcome to send in your watch to be examined and regulated, but a mechanical watch will vary in time and it sounds like yours is gaining about 10 seconds per day, which is normal, but can be regulated down to 5 seconds a day, which will put you at around a 30 second gain per week, which is good for a mechanical watch. If you are looking for 21st century technology for dead on accuracy, you should look into some of the super quartz watches from Grand Seiko's 9F line, or if you are looking for an economical watch, check out the atomic quartz watches from Casio. As for the lume, we use Superluminova BGW9 from Switzerland, it is one of the brightest products on the market and as bright as any watch I own. I suggest making sure it has been charged by the sun or by a UV flashlight before using it in the dark, all lume must be charged by UV first. Let me know if you have more questions, and if you want to send in your watch to be examined and regulated. Kind Regards,
Steve Laughlin


Received the watch Down Under within a week of ordering.
Watch is great value for the money & customer service impeccable.
Thanks guys.

Hi Claus, Thank you for the purchase and for the review! Glad to hear that you are enjoying your Solitude down in Australia! Regards, Steve

Great watch!

Solitude - great watch
Have had a lot if watches at this price point and this one is at the top of the list. Great design and finishing. Case is a comfortable cushion design and perfect size for my 7.5+ inch wrist. Bracelet is original and pin and collar system is secure. Would have been happy with the blue dial and steel bezel combo regardless from what Ive seen in pics but in the metal the watch is fantastic. Blue is understated at times and more vibrant at others. Lume is a heavy application which results in it being bright and long lasting. Will likely be a favorite in my collection! Thanks!!

Solitude- blue dial - stainless 12 hr bezel

Hi Matt, thank you for the review! Glad to hear you are enjoying the blue Solitude. - Steve

Beautiful Watch

Exceeded all expectations. From fit to finish everything feels and looks great. I was skeptical on the bracelet from the photos, but I’m really enjoying it once I saw it in person. Also, this thing is a tank. Well built and feels very solid. Thanks Raven!

Hello Dominic, Thanks for the purchase and the review. Glad to hear you are enjoying the bracelet as well as the watch! Regards, Steve

Exactly what I needed

I was torn on what I wanted to choose and looked at a ton of options this won for ma y reasons including the customer service being foremost, the unique design and beautiful
Bronze finish with striking blue face I never get old of catching it on high light, low light it’s just amazing you will be very happy with how this size wears - I love it so
Much I have ran trails with it, mountain bikes, swam and even slept in it this thing goes with tshirts, work shorts and is a rare piece that just keeps getting better as it ages!

Ryan, thank you for the review. I am glad to hear that you are enjoying and using your watch in the outdoors. The bronze is a long term watch that does go with any occasion and gets better with age. Enjoy! - Steve

Necessary Accoutrement for your Solitude...

I don't think it matters which model of Solitude you have, at some point you'll want this custom stainless Solitude bracelet on your watch. The organic design is a perfect accoutrement to the case detailing and watch face and it's very comfortable. A good-sized etched Raven adorns the clasp, which is solid. Quality is top notch and sizing is easy after watching Steve's Youtube Sizing video, with even simpler tools than he used. Recommended.

Thank you David! Glad you like the bracelet and your growing collection of Raven watches! - Steve

My First Solitude: Green - Gold in a Class By Itself

At the time of this writing I have several Solitudes, but this was my first one. I first came across Raven watches when searching for Tudor 58 homages; Raven had produced a few variants no longer available. Further searches led me to a review of the Worn and Wound Limited Edition collaboration and I was hooked. That LE watch sold out fairly quickly but the Green - Gold was still available and I can say without reservation it's in a class by itself. I would wear any permutation of the Solitude but this Green - Gold, not unlike the Worn and Wound LE collaboration, stands out. The gilt effect on the bezel right down into the dial is incredibly striking and compelling, but even much more so with the green dial. And that green dial delivers a similar chameleon effect as the blue dial Solitude; it changes from a bright, organic green to a grey-green forest on the horizon at dusk tone -- very compelling! Some say the Green - Gold Solitude is similar to a Seiko Alpinist but I would choose this version any day. Recommended!

Solitude - green dial - gold accents - rubber strap

If you're on the fence, get one!

Bronze wears like no other. It's constantly changing. That coupled with the amazing quality of Raven watches and you have a opportunity to own a truly unique time piece. I love wearing it!!!

Raven Solitude

As usual this Raven exceeded expectations. Buy from Raven with confidence.

Great watch

Great watch. Really solid and comfortable on the wrist. I wasn’t impressed with the bracelet via the pictures but once in person it’s one of the best bracelets I’ve ever worn. I’ve heard of the crown concerns however it’s not an issue for me. The crown has enough exposed on the top to easily turn. Ratchet clasp are the best and can not go back to any other after having one. My first raven watch but won’t be my last.