20mm Caoutchouc Rubber - Alligator

100% Caoutchouc Veritable Rubber, Alligator mold,
Swiss Made by Biwi.

Vulcanized Rubber that is completely waterproof and resistant to external influences. The perfect alternative to genuine alligator, giving a premium look to a dive watch while keeping the functionality of being able to wear the watch in any condition. 

Buckle is brushed and polished mix. Accepts 1.8mm spring bars. 

Size: 20mm/18mm wide, 115mm/75mm long

Customer Reviews

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M’balz Eshari
Not bad.

I have been interested in this since I saw it in another site. Raven offered a discount so I went for it. First, fast shipping. I got the item in a couple of days from shipping date. The strap is decent. Not as pliant as another Biwi strap I've tried before. It is also very matte vs how it was on the pic. It would be better if it would be glossy. The molding could have been more pronounced too. The thiccness is perfect. Buckle is good. Length is good. 6.75" wrist. Strap intended for Omega Speedmaster. I will attempt to remedy the shortcomings by doing the boiling and cold water cycle to make it softer and coating it with something glossy.

Thank you for the review, it is a review that you should give to Biwi, since they make the product, I just resell it here. I agree the strap should be thinner so that it will be more comfortable on the wrist. Natural Rubber is not going to be made glossy, it will be matte by its nature. - Steve

Mike Ball
Great gator rubber!!!

Wonderful strap with the look of gator but rubber:). Awesome!

Rick B.
20mm Caoutchouc rubber alligator

Looks like alligator leather but reall rubber. Very nice and goes well with a sports/dress watch.

Michael Hawkins
My favorite rubber strap

I got this strap on a whim once Steve announced it in the Raven room. I was cautious because my wrist is just under 6.5” so I was hoping I could get a snug fit on the last holes. It ended up fitting perfectly on the last hole, and I was able to punch an extra hole without ruining the integrity of the strap. This works far better than my silicone bands at looking semi formal while maintaining durability. I personally don’t wear leather or exotic skin straps because of sweat and moisture issues. This is the perfect substitute. I wish I had ordered two just because I swap mine on so many watches. It’s looking great at the time of this review on a Hamilton Khaki auto 38mm.

B E Ames
Great Rubber Strap

Really nice strap. A definite visual upgrade from the basic rubber strap provided with some raven watches. The length is good as well for those of us with a larger wrist (7 3/4”).